Philip specializes in helping companies navigate changing and new technologies and
business opportunities.

A selection of consulting engagements Philip has performed:

  • For a leading semiconductor company: Perform mid-term review of progress in graphics
    processing strategy.

  • For a leading technology company:  Help develop a new digital entertainment strategy that
    encompasses content distribution and hardware platforms.

  • For a leading semiconductor company:  Analyze the company's performance in a key market
    and its experiences in architectures for use by senior leadership in strategic long range planning.

  • For a spin-off of a leading test and measurement company:  Advise on new market strategies.

  • For a leading health care supplier:  Evaluate disruptive technologies in key markets.

  • For the U.S Department of Justice:  Support expert witness in an antitrust litigation.

  • For a leading South African IT company:  Devise acquisition strategy and develop merger
    integration plan.

  • For a leading Australian food company:  Facilitate the merger of two key divisions.


Philip consults for companies in technology, media, entertainment,
health care and other industries.
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